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24 year old grad student from Portland



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I am 24 years old and living and going to school in the city of Portland, Oregon. I've been a Blazer fan since birth, and am enjoying their recent return from the basement of the league.

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So Long '08 posted on 04/16/2008

The Blazers are down to one game in this season, and when it is all over I think there is no way fans can be unhappy. A few more wins and we would have gotten a first round playoff series. Lets be honest, this team is not Finals material. Not yet. Tonight's game is proof, though, that it is coming. Finishing five hundred, at the least, is a huge step. Brandon Roy's All-Star performance was another. Getting rid of Miles, for once and all, is proof that this team is looking to the future, and that they are serious. Two years ago it was the Blazers on the receiving end of blowouts. The other teams starters on the bench, with everything after halftime being garbage time. This time it was Josh McRoberts and Sergio Rodriguez getting cheers, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge on the bench, and the Blazers finishing out their home season with a twenty point victory. If not all these players are back for next season, which is likely, at least they have come a long way in two seasons.

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So Its Over posted on 04/03/2008

Last night the Blazers were officially eliminated from the playoffs, and by the Lakers no less. Its sad. We all wanted to be back in the playoffs this year, even if we knew that it was unlikely at best. This is a process, and has to be thought of that way. At least we were eliminated from the playoffs in the last month of the season. Two years ago we had the worst record in the NBA. Each season has to be seen as a stepping stone. If the Blazers want to get back into the playoffs and stay there, and WIN!, its better to build little by little. We have the owner who can buy any player that he wants, but, if not making any trades, except for Wafer, shows anything, its that we care about the future. 

There are seven more games of the 07-08 season. Then its the offseason. Time to get GO ready to play. Get Roy healthy. Figure out who our new point guard is going to be. We were close this year. The run at the beginning of the season shows that we can play with anyone. The victory over LA late in the season at the Rose Garden has to be one a highlight. We are going to be ready next year. Probably more ready than any other team in the league. Will that gets us into the playoffs? Who knows, but at least we aren't in last place anymore. If we continue to improve the way we have in the last few years then the future looks bright. 

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What Is Also Possible posted on 03/30/2008
Although I was not in attendance, by reading both Oregonlive and Blazersedge, it is pretty obvious that Saturday's loss to the Charlotte Bobcats was something that doesn't need to be remembered. The good things that can be taken away from it are mentioned in the Blazersedge, so lets just say that without Brandon Roy this team is lucky when it doesn't fall apart. If the win of Washington is an example of what the Blazers are capable of without their leader, the loss to Charlotte is the same example but in the other direction. Lets hope that when GO is back Roy doesn't spend too much time on the bench. Even though he may be a great player, GO not Roy, which remains to be seen. Its obvious who the Blazers need to lead their team.

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Way To Go GO posted on 03/29/2008

Apparently Greg Oden made an appearance at a 24 hour fitness in Tualatin and showcased some of that talent that could belong to the Blazers next season. The incident got a sweet write up on the internet, which of course made its way back to Blazer brass. Coach McMillan let Greg know that playing pick up games with hacks at a gym wasn't part of the prescribed rehab regimen. I agree, as do the many people that commented on Jason Quick's article on Oregonlive. One thing can be said about GO. He is young. He needs help coming around to what his life means now that he is a professional. I heard that when he first moved to town he was fond of throwing big parties. Obviously someone in charge let him know that sitting out a year doesn't mean that you get to party all the time. If GO learns something from this experience, which I'm sure he will, or if he doesn't it will be learned for him, it should be that everything he does from now on will be seen and scrutinized. GO belongs to the Blazers and the city of Portland. If he messes up and doesn't get to play this city will never forgive or forget. On the plus side, at least he wants to play. GO is no DMiles. We should be thankful for that.

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What's Possible posted on 03/25/2008

Brandon Roy goes out in the first half, LaMarcus Aldridge doesn't play, Portland blows out the playoff bound Washington Wizards. Without their two top players, playing against a surging team, tonight's game could have easily been a give away. Instead the bench stepped up and not only got the win, but got it convincingly.

The Blazers have to win out to make the playoffs, and with upcoming games against Houston, San Antonio, and Los Angeles, it is unlikely that they will get one of the top eight spots. That said, next season is on everyone's mind. Tonight's game was a good example of what is possible in the next few years. Imagine Webster getting 23, Outlaw 20, Pryzbilla pulling in 17 boards, and Roy, Aldrige, and Greg Oden also playing. Its unlikely that the Blazers will need their role players to step up every night next season, but its got to be comforting for Coach McMillian to know that when his best players are out his second string can get the job done. Imagine how he feels knowing what's coming next season.

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