8 September 2009

o we want to be our point guard?  These are two questions that have often been asked about our Portland Trailblazers over the last couple of seasons.  We've had a number of players look to claim that spot over the years, Steve Blake, Sergio Rodriguez, Jerryd Bayless, Petteri Kopponen, to name a few.  And we had another hopeful in Summer League camp in Patty Mills until he went down with an unfortunate foot injury.

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11 May 2009

to deal with him is to remove the tumor before it spreads.

     That's where Portland fits in.  They're one of the few teams in the league that can come up with a deal that works under the salary cap, satisfy any needs that the Suns might have, and give Shaq the chance to walk in and push his new team up a couple rungs on the championship ladder just like he likes to do. 

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10 July 2008

"And no ones gonna save you from the beast about strike you know its thriller, thriller night". Those are the words sung by yes the crazy man himself Micheal Jackson in his hit song Thriller

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6 July 2008

e even plays ten games in the NBA in the next two seasons, his salary will go back on the books for Portland and the Blazers' Summer of 09' free agency plan will be in peril.

We all know that the guy who said the workout was "impressive" was in the Miles camp. I can't imagine Miles actually making a roster. He may have put together a decent workout, but after what happened to his knee, there is no way he could consistently pound that knee over the course of a season. After examination last year, a team doctor said Miles had the worst knee he had ever seen. The doctor then deemed the injury career ending.

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28 March 2008

Portland has a brutal april schedule ahead of them  loaded with playoff teams.  So beating the Bobcats (26-45) record at the Rose Garden will be an important step in finishing better then 500.With Brandon roy injured and probably out these next few games. It will definetly be an interesting playout.

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27 March 2008

The Blazers will be a team that is looking to compete in the very competitive Western Conference. As of now this looks to be their lineup:

C- Greg Oden

PF- Lamarcus Aldridge

SF- Travis Outlaw

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25 March 2008

It didn't matter that it was freezing cold in Salt Lake City that day last December. Or that I was the only one wearing red-black-and-white. Or even that my date was wearing a Utah Jazz hat.

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