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Breaking down the Blazers....Part Five posted on 09/08/2009
The center position is one of the strongest spots on the Blazers roster.  And if you combine last seasons stats for Joel Pryzbilla and Greg Oden the numbers look pretty good. 13.4 pts, 15.7 rbs, 2.3 bks.  What team wouldn't be happy with that? 

Last season began with the Trailblazers annointing Greg as their starter at the 5 spot.  It was and up and down year for the youngster from Ohio State.  He started 39 games for Portland, had a career-high 24 points and 15 rebounds in a win against the Milwaukee Bucks on January 19.  If he'd been able to average 36 minutes per game his PER would have been 14.8 pts, 11.6 rbs, and 1.9 bks.  The season also had its low points for Oden.  Not only did he have trouble staying in games due to foul trouble, ( his PER for fouls if he'd averaged 36 min was 6.5) he had physical problems as well and suffered an injury to his foot during his first game against the Lakers, and fractured his kneecap in February during a collision with Corey Magette and missed three weeks. 

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posted on 09/08/2009

If you think about the power forward spot on the Blazers there is only one name that really comes to mind.  LaMarcus Aldridge.  LA.  L-Train.  After three seasons with Portland Aldridge has proven to be one of the best, if not the best young power forwards in the league.  And sometime within the next month or so he will likely be rewarded for his play with a near maximum contract.
The draft day move that brought the former Texas Longhorn to Portland has paid off.  LaMarcus has been a good fit here in not only on the floor, but in the locker room and in the community.  Touted by many as a future all-star, he has the starting 4 spot on the Portland roster locked up. 

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Breaking down the Blazers......Part Three posted on 09/08/2009

Depending on how you look at it there are as many questions about the three position on the Blazer roster as there are at any other position.  And that of course is one reason the Blazers made a run at signing Hedo Turkoglu. 

Coach McMillian said last season that a starter would not lose his spot in the starting lineup due to injury.  He said that after Martell broke his foot the first time.  By the end of the season he was saying that young Nic Batum would be the starter this year.  Then, as we all know as soon as they had the chance the team did everything it could to sign free agent small forward Hedu Turkoglu.


Heading into training camp I see no clear cut choice for a starter at small forward, despite what the coach may say.  The top two players at this postion will battle it out for the starting spot.

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Breaking down the Blazers.....Part Two posted on 09/08/2009

Breaking down the Blazers by position....Part Two

Who is our point guard? And who do we want to be our point guard?  These are two questions that have often been asked about our Portland Trailblazers over the last couple of seasons.  We've had a number of players look to claim that spot over the years, Steve Blake, Sergio Rodriguez, Jerryd Bayless, Petteri Kopponen, to name a few.  And we had another hopeful in Summer League camp in Patty Mills until he went down with an unfortunate foot injury.

Our point guards going into the 2009-10 season.
Andre Miller, starter
Steve Blake, backup
Brandon Roy, may pick up a few minutes here and there at the point
Bayless, not likely to see much time at this position unless there is an injury to Blake or Miller.

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Breaking down the Blazers...Part One posted on 08/08/2009
Breaking down the Blazers by position....Part One

Its starting to look like the Blazers roster is shaping up nicely for next season and some team officials have indicated they think their won't be any more personel moves before the games begin. Originally, I thought I'd begin this series with the 1 position, but with todays big news about the Brandon Roy contract I found myself thinking about him.

Other than perhaps center, the 2 is the strongest position on the Blazers.
Brandon Roy, starter
Rudy Fernandez, backup
Bayless, & Blake may play limited minutes at this position

All star Brandon Roy, recently rewarded with a five year contract worth over eighty million dollars, is the unquestioned leader of our team. If you look back at the impact Brandon has had on the Blazers one might go so far as to say that the day he was drafted was the end of the Jailblazer era. On and off the court he has been a model of what ownership and fans alike want from a player.

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