28 October 2008

Was anybody else as peeved at the look on Cro's face after the loss in London? One would think the players would be in no mood for joking around. I've been a high school coach for years and never act like that after a tough loss. It's been said countless times but the losses seem to affect fans more than the players almost. Oh wait, it all makes sense - Cromartie got paid last off-season so he's happy now.

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27 July 2008

This is one of the times of the year where the General Managers around baseball really make their money. Some have already done their job (Billy Beane), and some still have pieces to sell. Some GM's will do much more work then others over the next 3+ days, but all will probably be fielding or making phone calls this week. Some teams who look to be busy, and the situation they are in:

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11 July 2008

They have a good young RB, but their WR core and O-Line is not all that special.

Baseball: Roy Halladay dominates Yankees. What else is new? Roy Halladay has a complete game. If your counting at home, that's 7 on the year. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but is that a record? If not, then WOW. Halladay allowed only 3 baserunners (2 hits, 1 walk) to go along with 8 K's on the road to a win. And would you look at that, the Jays are only 3 games back from the Yanks.

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10 May 2008

I call it "Baseball Heroin," as it's all too easy to sit for hours flipping between games, immobile, helpless to the draw of constant, and constantly changing, baseball.

This year has the added bonus of being able to watch either the home or away feed for a game, so I can tailor my watching to the team I like, or switch between the two to get a different perspective on a game. This somewhat ameliorates some of the problems DirecTV has been having this year with feeds--I'm one of the many, many people who woke up at 3AM on Opening Day in Japan . . . only to find that DirecTV's satellite problems were blacking out the broadcast. A handful of games later on in the season experienced this same problem, but these problems have been by and large small ones.

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7 May 2008

Bring back day games for the World Series. Baseball's being lost to other sports, in part because kids don't watch the games (live or in person) the way they could when the games were in the daytime. Sure, ratings are higher at night, but how much does this affect ad revenue, really? And even if it does, sometimes you've gotta sacrifice the present for the future, instead of the other way around.

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