Michael J. Shambaugh's Portland Blazers Extended Profile

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Who am I?

My name is Michael. Most people call me Jake though, so for the sake of easiness, lets stick to Jake. I'm a huge Blazers fan and I love pizza...Also, I am a father of 1, and Husband of 1. Along with basketball, I also enjoy TV and Film. You can contact me at shambaughj@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/shambaughj

Brief description

Father, Husband, Blazers Fan, Wanna-Be Basketball Coach. Boom.


Basketball, Coaching, Film, Film Editing, Golf, TV, Writing


Fair Officiating, Good 'Old-School' Coaching, Pizza, Un-Biased Opinions (except FOR Portland!)


Mushrooms, Not being Open-Minded, Players who think they are above their sport and above their team, Un-Fair Officiating

I would like to ...

Coach a highschool/College basketball team with kids who wanna win.

Main Skills

getting upset about a basketball game, missing free-throws, Not hitting a golfball straight, upsetting the wife

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